Students at the 2017 What We Do exhibition

The 16th Annual What We Do Exhibition

  • From left to right: Joey Ressler, Kaitlyn Dolan, Daniel Vasta, Paula Ospina, Dominique Hessert, and Michael Owens.

  • Bryan Bennett with his mother after winning Nikon Best Portfolio, Booksmart Studio, May, 2016.

  • RIT professor, Josh Meltzer (right)
    talks with Paula Ospina (center) and Dominique Hessert.

RIT’s National Press Photographers Association chapter held the 16th annual What We Do exhibition at Booksmart Studio in downtown Rochester this past Friday, May 5th. Awards were given to students Bryan Bennett for winning the Nikon portfolio award for Best Portfolio and Daniel Vasta for the Gitner Family Award for Best Portfolio. Judges of this year’s show were Seth Gitner, Meg Handler, and Michael Schwarz. Other work shown at the show include:

Kaitlyn Dolan
Erin Gallagher
Riley Joslin
Brittainy Newman
Meg Oliphant
Michael Owens
JuliAnna Patino
Joseph Ressler
Annika Servin
Traci Westcott

Congratulations, everyone!